What I mean by 'Progressive'

I felt it important to explain to everyone what I mean when I use the word 'progressive'. I use that term as it came out of the 19th century.

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Media Literacy

Incorporating media literacy in Civics is important for increasing students’ intellectual curiosity and promoting self-efficacy. It also helps students become informed citizens instead of manipulated citizens. In a country where so many takes in fake news and manipulative commercials at face value without research it brings Jefferson's words to mind, "An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people."

New Mexico Native Americans

As a history teacher who has included extensive Native American curriculum to my classes and who has taught thousands of Native Americans over my tenure I do have a special place in my heart for native Americans and a knowledge that your average citizen does not. I believe in the autonomy of Native American lands and that we need to stop treating them as if they are children. Native Americans suffer extreme poverty and we owe them much more than what they are getting.

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I grew up in the country and I have many wonderful memories of hiking through the back country observing nature and basking in the solitude and at the same time feeling one with all of it. I had a trusted dog named Sue as my companion. I still love to hike and now I have my wife and a new dog named Sam. Science is not something you believe or not, it is based on empirical evidence. Climate change is a fact and that it is man made is a fact based on 93% of Climate Scientists.

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If you hate unions I am not your candidate. I am a proud member of the New Mexico American Federation of Teachers. I am a Past local Union president in Taos who negotiated many contracts and took our local school district to task for labor violations and won. I also served as AFTNM's VP of K-12 and as it's state treasurer. My grandfather was a Union Steward in a canning company. When I ran for the NM Senate in 2008 against a Republican incumbent I was endorsed by every union in this state. I am Union proud! My daughter works for AFTNM. 


Leaders need virtue, temperament, knowledge and experience. I have one reason to be your Lt. Governor, I want to serve the people of New Mexico and make this state a better place to live in for all it's people, our children and our grandchildren.

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As a veteran and son of a disabled World War 2 veteran I will always have your back. I served in the Army National Guard and the Air Force. Our veterans are deserving of the best we have to offer and should never be forgotten, homeless or without proper health care. Thank you for your service.

Health Care

We need Single Payer Healthcare and we can implement it in New Mexico. It would cover everyone at less cost that we are paying now and take the burden from small business. We pay much more for our healthcare services than any other country in the world. This plan should include mental health, prescription drugs, dental and vision. This will greatly benefit the people of New Mexico and save on costly medical procedures that can be avoided due to preventative care. This plan would greatly enhance our rural healthcare clinics as well.


Undocumented people living in this country should not be living in fear. We need genuine immigration reform in this country that includes a path to citizenship. Under this current president we need to pass a law that makes New Mexico a sanctuary state. This would simply free our law enforcement from asking people about the immigrant status during routine police work and it would mean that people would not be fearful of deportation for reporting crimes or testifying in court. We are speaking of people here, children and families who contribute millions of dollars to New Mexico's economy. If Republicans were truly serious about this they would enforce immigration laws with business. 

LGBTQ New Mexicans

'A world in which oppression is obsolete and all aspects of identity are honored' is the goal of Equality New Mexico and mine. This community should be treated with the dignity and respect they deserve and so called 'conversion therapy needs to be outlawed. Further we need to do everything we can to stop bullying of LGBTQ children. By the way, I haven't seen anyone get a devorce because of gay marriage.

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