Leaders need virtue, temperament, knowledge and experience. I have one reason to be your Lt. Governor, I want to serve the people of New Mexico and make this state a better place to live in for all it's people, our children and our grandchildren.

My ethics are unquestioned as I work for you, not the moneyed interests of a few. I have the education with 2 BA degrees, an MA degree in history and extensive graduate work in education administration. I have 4 years in the USAF as a Nuclear Weapons Specialist and I served as a platoon leader in the Army National Guard and Reserves from 1985-1992. I served as a history teacher for 27 years. I served 8 years on the NM Public Education Commission, 4 years as Mayor Pro Tem and 2 years as Municipal Judge. I have the temperament to serve as governor in a temporary capacity or permanent capacity if and when needed. I will be a loyal trusted advisor especially regarding education and the New Mexico Army and Air National Guard. I am the right person at the right time to be Lt. Governor.

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